Your Wellness Is Our Priority

Welcome to November! Let the season of sniffles and sneezes begin!


Yes, unfortunately we are entering the cold and flu season. Chances are that by now you have received your flu vaccine to shield you from the nasty germs your co-worker, spouse or even child (so generously!) may decide to share with you. But, if that flu vaccine doesn’t exactly do the trick, your chances of avoiding the sickness may come from the decisions you make every other month of the year – what we call “wellness.”


Wellness is the practice of keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires time and effort; in the long run it makes life a whole lot easier. Getting exercise daily, eating healthy and staying active by engaging in activities you’re interested in can make you feel better and help maintain a positive attitude. That attitude then carries over to the workplace and helps employees be more productive and handle stress better.


At Plymouth Foam, every single one of our associates is extremely important to us, and because of that, so is their health! In order to encourage healthy choices both physically and mentally, our company is involved in several initiatives. We have a wellness committee comprised of several associates who meet to brainstorm and organize healthy, fun events for the rest of the company. Recently we planted fruit trees near our headquarters in Plymouth, Wisconsin; more gardens and fruit trees are planned for the future.


Studies have shown that the average person makes thousands of decisions in a single day. Our goal is to encourage our employees to make the healthy choice whenever possible – to improve our company, sure, but more importantly to improve our associates’ lives. The bottom line is wellness, however you achieve it, is a priority!