Why Protective Packaging Matters in Distribution

Do you experience damage in shipping?  We were approached by a company that was experiencing damage to their product when shipped through distribution. The complexity of assembling the packaging, limitations on storage and shipping cost concerns played a significant role in the need to seek alternative packaging options. 

They were using multiple pieces of folded corrugated to package their product inside of an outer corrugated carton. They also needed a plan for a regular rotation of inventory that would meet their demands and ensure stock of products as needed.

Our solution: Our team of experts identified an Airpop material that was the best material fit due to the weight of the product and sharp edges on the product. The alternate material has more flexibility to accommodate the product weight and the durability of the material was a good fit for the rubbing of the product and packaging during transit. This material also allowed us to design a solution within the parameters of the existing corrugated carton. Our design protected the most fragile parts by encasing them in molded Airpop material while suspending the rest of the unit in the outer carton.

Complexity of assembling the packaging: The customer recognized a substantial savings due to the ease of assembly of the packaged unit. Their packaging line was able to move labor resources to different areas of the plant. In addition, they saw savings in the time needed to package a finished unit going from roughly 6 minutes to 2 minutes per unit. 

Shipping cost concerns: Over the first year, the damage to their product has drastically dropped with very few units coming back. Also, due to the new packaging, now if their customer does see damage, they can much more easily repackage the product for return which avoids additional damage on the transit back. With the overall savings realized, the customer has moved additional models to this design packaging. 

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