Why Did You Contact Us? A Conversational Blog on Plymouth Foam’s Benefits

At Plymouth Foam, our customer service associates are always happy to ready to help answer any questions of perspective partners! We make it easy to get in touch!

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How can we help to prepare for your call?  We’re genuinely interested in every inquiry.  And, to make the experience positive for you, we want to share an overview of what’s important for us to help you.

So, we sat down with one of our knowledgeable customer service associates.  She shared a sample question and answer session that may help prepare for an upcoming conversation. (She also wanted to note that this is not a script. Questions will change based on the caller and their unique needs!)

  • Have you ever done business with Plymouth Foam?
  • How did you hear about Plymouth Foam?
  • Is the item a new part or existing part?
  • What is the material type you are considering?
  • What are the density requirements?
  • What are the color requirements?
  • Will the product require special tolerances both dimensional & surface?
  • Do you require special packaging requirements?
  • What is the timing for this project launch?

We like to be educated and informed about your project needs to look at all the options that we can provide to assist you with making an informed decision!  We will include our design engineers in the next phase of the dialog.

Give us a call, send us an email or find us on the web.  Our trained and knowledgeable associates are ready to help you with your next engineered foam product solution!