Why Airpop® EPS Is Still Best

Airpop® EPS is still the best packaging material when you need a lightweight, recyclable packaging and shipping solution. Airpop®EPS is still best when you need a food service container to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Airpop® EPS is still best for…you name it.

Sometimes you’ll hear challenges to the use of EPS but it’s important to think it through.  What if EPS is replaced with something else? Even if EPS is replaced with another plastic or paper, would the substitute be heavier or not as easily recycled? Would it contaminate the package contents or allow temperature to fluctuate? What environmental impact would some other material have?

As both consumers and businesses, we must get the facts and think things through. Here are some of the facts:

  • Analysis shows EPS has far less impact on the environment than other packaging materials, especially paper.
  • Other plastics have a 4 – 5 times the environment impact cost compared to EPS.
  • Meat, fish, and produce packaged and shipped in EPS have a longer shelf life leading to less waste.
  • Consumers litter. They don’t toss one type of a material any more than others.
  • Consumer recycling of contaminated EPS is increasing.
  • Well-known companies like Best Buy and Omaha Steaks are committed to long-term EPS recycling.

Airpop® EPS foam is 98% air! EPS Polystyrene is a synthetic organic compound made up of carbon and hydrogen. EPS is chemically inert but can be dissolved by solvents.

Airpop® EPS is still best. Plymouth Foam delivers creative, collaborative solutions for your packaging and shipping needs. Contact us.