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Plymouth Foam, An Altor Solutions Company, is pleased to share the good news that Next Level Fitness and CrossFit Western Ridge of Plymouth WI have officially merged.  Announced May 1st by Josh Dahm and David Bolland, the two organizations usher in a new era as one, operating under the name CrossFit Diligence!  

This unique name was chosen to encapsulate the careful and persistent work ethic the organization strives to reinforce. It shares a building with Plymouth Foam and remains open to the public (it has its own entrance at 1799 County Road C).  Many Plymouth Foam team members are founding gym members. Today, all Plymouth Foam team members have access to a discounted corporate rate to join CrossFit Diligence.

Plymouth Foam team members joined CrossFit Diligence to invest in themselves and garner the benefits of working out with professional coaches and trainers.  They use words like ‘community’, ‘fun’, ‘amazing’, ‘results’, ‘accountability’, ‘fulfillment’, and ‘accomplishment’ when describing their experience. This is only one example of Plymouth Foam’s commitment to health and wellness.

Plymouth Foam is so excited to help share this good news and wishes CrossFit Diligence all the best in this next chapter of their journey.  If you would like to learn more about CrossFit Diligence reach out at info@crossfitdiligence.com 

And, if you would like to join our Plymouth Foam team, check out our open positions https://www.plymouthfoam.com/who-are-we/employment/