What is EPP?

Many of our customers know Plymouth Foam, An Altor Solutions Company, for our over four decades of experience manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). We also specialize in composite foams, including Expanded Polypropylene (EPP).

You may ask, “What is EPP“?

Expanded Polypropylene, EPP, is a highly durable, reusable, recyclable polypropylene composite material. Its lightweight foam bead characteristic also provides excellent sound absorption and sound transmission reduction, component cooling efficiency, thermal insulation, vibration dampening, and electrical insulation. As a result, EPP is a perfect choice for product weight reduction, component housings, fastening and mounting, and wire routing with overall assembly time reduction on the production line. We have reduced components by over 50% in some cases through design integration.  

EPP materials density ranges from 1.2# (20 g/l) to 14# (225 g/l). The more common density is 1.9# (30 g/l) to 3.7# (60 g/l). EPP is widely used in Europe and Asia. In the US, most of the material is used in the automotive industry.

Plymouth Foam has successfully utilized EPP in various industries and applications where it is well suited to solve several common and complex design, application, and manufacturing problems. Some of those include:

  • Food & Beverage / Food Services / Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic Packaging and Componentry (EPAC)
  • Medical Devices and Medical Equipment
  • HVAC
  • Tools (Power and Hand)
  • Returnable Reusable Packaging Systems
  • Transportation (Automotive, etc.)

Plymouth Foams’ design and engineering team has years of experience working with customers to improve their products while reducing costs. Let us help you with your next program using EPP or one of our dozen other materials by contacting us at sales@plymouthfoam.com.