We’ve Spotted The InsulTech™ Insulated Concrete Masonry System in Action

We can’t help but share our excitement whenever we see our products in action. Recently, we happened upon a company called Echelon Masonry located in Atlanta, GA. 

Echelon Masonry’s website shared insight on who they are: For generations, Oldcastle APG has been North America’s leading manufacturer of architectural masonry products and materials. We have established ourselves as an industry leader and dedicated partner and are renowned for successfully completing projects from beginning to end. Now Oldcastle APG embarks on a new journey, consolidating our many masonry products, services and expertise into the single brand of Echelon. Echelon provides the masonry industry with a singular go-to source for high-quality architectural masonry products and reliable service partnerships.

Recall last year’s blog regarding our partnership with Oldcaslte on a product called InsulTech™ insulation insert system. Through that particular partnership we were able to obtain a unique product development to fit specific requirements in design and performance while also meeting stringent energy codes. 

The innovative product line was a new commercial insulated concrete masonry system in which Plymouth Foam developed the molded BASF Neopor® insulation system between the structural masonry unit and the thin veneer face. 

Below is a photo from Echelon Masonry’s LinkedIn page of the product in action. In their words, “When properly constructed, single-wythe masonry walls offer a myriad of benefits that no other building material can touch from fire to moisture protection, durability to aesthetics, and cost-effective installation.” 

Thank you for the showcase. As always, a benefit of working with our team is our ability to offer a complete process, functional and cost effective solution.

This product insert is proudly made in the USA, fabricated and shipped from our Plymouth, Wisconsin location.