We’re All Living In This Environment…


Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Three words we hear but, how often are they utilized? Subaru, an automotive company, is doing their part becoming America’s first Zero-Landfill auto maker; utilizing recycled and reused waste.


Subaru uses polystyrene foam to support and stabilize their transmission engine parts during shipment from Japan to the U.S. An idea of reusing the foam saved Subaru over a million dollars in one year; after four trips back to Japan the foam became cost efficient. The foam can be shipped back to Japan and reused up to 24 times before it can be recycled.


The “Who We Are is What We Leave Behind” is a 10 part video series on Subaru’s Zero-Landfill initiative in efforts to reuse, reduce and recycle in National Parks to make parks garbage free. The smallest idea has created the greatest impact in the environment because of Subaru!


To watch full video and see video series: http://goo.gl/0sxNCl