We Support You, US Women’s National Soccer Team

Tuesday, July 2nd at 2pm CDT is the 2019 FIFA World Cup semifinals between the US Women’s National Soccer Team and England. What better week to celebrate and watch the USWNT than the week of Independence Day.

 With their 2-1 win over France on June 28th, 2019 the USWNT became the only nation to advance to the semifinals of all eight World Cups that have been held. Their impressive record stands for itself with three World Cup titles and four Olympic Gold Medals. The USWNT represents a legacy of women whose hard work is showcased every time they compete. These women are unfairly paid compared to the US Men’s National Team despite their decorated record. With an opening round win of 13-0 over Thailand in the 2019 World Cup, this year’s national team not only broke the World Cup record for the largest margin of victory in a game and most goals scored in a single match, but showcased evidence that supports their demand for equal pay. 

We here at Plymouth Foam support and stand behind the USWNT all the way. Just like Plymouth Foam, the USWNT has a deeply rooted history that values supporters and has a strong connection to the community. These women put their hearts and souls into everything they do, they are true role models and provide insane inspiration to fans across the world. 

They represent what true sportsmanship and love for the game is like.

The USWNT game attire is inspired by the team’s championship past and American spirit. Their uniforms channel the American spirit by highlighting the American flag and stars, with red, white, and blue. 

Begin the 4th of July festivities by watching the USWNT on July 2nd and make sure to wear your red, white, and blue. Here at Plymouth foam we will be watching the game and getting into the USA spirit with our game day attire and food!