We Are Each the Other’s Customer

Plymouth Foam, An Altor Solutions Company, holds internal quarterly meetings to report our monthly and quarterly scorecard.  Our scorecard includes metrics such as:

  • how we are doing to plan (i.e. are we on track to hit our annual goals based on the quarterly data) 
  • how we can each continue to improve (both individually and by teams)
  • new business (the most exciting part for our sales team!) 
  • and any other news that can help us do our  jobs! 

Mark Schuh, VP/GM, placed a big emphasis on service this quarter – and he didn’t just mean to outside customers. It is true that since COVID, the meaning of customer service has changed. 

For starters, we found that we could do more virtually than in person, making meetings and visits very different! Pre-COVID, customers and suppliers often preferred to meet in person; now the same people often prefer to meet via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

But one thing that COVID did not change about customer service is that it is all about doing the best you can for the customer. And that means not just external customers, but internal ones as well.  When you treat each coworker request and each interdepartmental interaction in the same manner you would an external request, you not only foster camaraderie, but improve business functioning as well. 

Here’s Mark talking on the subject in our meeting: 

Plymouth Foam is a “People First” culture. If that is the kind of culture you want to be a part of,  check out our position openings to see if there is a match for your skills and interests! We can’t wait for you to be a part of our team.