Walking Tour Invites Developers to Explore Plymouth, WI Potential

We are so excited to have our President and CEO, David Bolland, be selected to speak at last evening’s Developers’ Summit! He shared insights on the importance of collaboration in business and our community as Plymouth Foam celebrates our 41st Anniversary this week.  

“I consider us still a small business with 200+ associates.  Plymouth has some very big companies and we’re proud of them because they have paved the way for companies like ours to continue to emulate, develop our own character and culture and help grow.  And then also feed those start up businesses in the area well represented on our main streets” said Bolland.

This event was hosted in collaboration with the City of Plymouth Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation. Attendees were able to participate in a ‘walking tour’ of the city; stops included Plymouth City Hall, Sartori Cheese, Blane Office, Historic Dairy State Bank Mural, Plymouth Art Center, Mill Pond, Stayer Park, Plymouth Cheese Exchange mural and the Dairy Heritage Center. 

“The Developers’ Tour is a way to invite real-estate professionals to Plymouth in order to learn more about the community and development opportunities. The goal of the summit is to see if we can spur some real-estate development that is complementary to what the community wants/needs. 

One key aspect of these tours is to have local business leaders speak about their firm and needs (both of the company and employees).  So, if they feel housing is an issue, storage or a complementary business that is something we would love for those speakers to bring up.” stated Dane Checolinski, Director of the Sheboygan Economic Development Corporation. 

Thank you to both organizations for allowing us to be part of your event! We greatly appreciate the opportunity and are always proud of showcase the city of Plymouth, Wisconsin!