COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Transportation Update

As our Plymouth Foam (PF) team has discussed before, EPS packaging has, and continues to, play a significant role in transporting temperature sensitive COVID-19 vaccines. The critical properties of the vaccine are kept at a tightly controlled temperature, made possible by custom molded EPS shipping containers.

In recent news, Time Magazine recently reported FDA Extends Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Refrigeration Storage Time to 30 Days. In short, the vaccine “needs to be shipped frozen at ultra-cold temperatures in the companies’ special thermal shipping container. Doses can be kept frozen in these containers for up to 30 days as long as dry ice is used to maintain temperatures of around -70°C (-94°F). Once thawed, the vaccine doses can now be kept in a refrigerator for up to one month. Previously, the emergency use authorization issued by the FDA only allowed the vaccine to be stored, thawed, in a refrigerator for five days.”

EPS packaging is the gold standard for pharmaceutical and life science products; it maintains product safety, security and temperature stability throughout the cold chain delivery process. For more information or if we can help transport your temperature sensitive products, please contact us at