Under Construction – Coming Soon!

Isn’t it amazing that every great invention began with a simple idea?

 Cars. Electricity. Heck, even vacuum cleaners. Each one was built using careful planning and execution – but none of that would even be possible without an idea that started it all.
This concept is precisely the basis for our new design center which we began dreaming up last year. The purpose of the new design area is to provide the necessary mental space for ideas to take shape; becoming a reality in the hands of the designers and to the delight of the customers. By having a specific space, we encourage meetings between customers and manufacturing personnel to blend the different disciplines and harness the collective synergy of collaboration.
Internally, by creating a premium design space, there was a clear emphasis on this department by our management team who placed importance on this function. This also reinforces how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we made our design department a priority. Here at Plymouth Foam Inc., we are one of the few (if not the only) foam company to proudly display one-of-a-kind sculptures in valuable office space settings, right next to custom molded parts for construction applications, packaging and other applications.
Externally, the space can serve as a construction area for the holiday parade float. The holiday float project endorses participation from our associates who determine a theme, control the design and construct the float every year (stay tuned next week for photos!). As simple as it sounds, the float actually serves an important purpose because it not only makes our company visible, but it establishes Plymouth Foam as a creative company who is willing to support our local community.
This expansion for the new design center began in early 2014 and the new area – which doubles the amount of space dedicated to this aspect of our business – will be finished in early 2015. We look forward to the new space and, best of all, collaborating our design team with customers to turn their (perhaps simple) thoughts into reality.



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