Ensuring undamaged delivery with foam

A lot goes into getting a final product to the end user. By the time you have taken your product from idea to production, the last thing you need to worry about is in what condition it will arrive. Lucky for you, long gone are the days when fragile items were shipped in wood shavings and sent off with the hope that they would arrive undamaged. Today’s design engineers have significantly more options for effective packaging, and foam is one of the best options. The Altor Solutions family of brands is home to many experts in protective packaging who are ready to help you find the perfect solution for your product. 

“Foam,” in all of the forms that we use, has a long-standing, well-deserved reputation for providing cushioning and protection for products throughout their distribution cycle. At Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions company, we think of it as “cradling” your precious cargo so it arrives to the end-user precisely the way it left the end of your production line. Working with the Altor Solutions family of brands, you will have access to our ISTA-certified stress testing lab, where prototype packaging can be assessed for effectiveness and any necessary changes made before production. We work with several engineered foams, which are carefully chosen for each packaging requirement. Different shapes, densities, colors, and finishes are all customized for the application.

If you are looking for a different but just as effective solution, Rational Packaging, one of the Altor Solutions brands, uses its wave strength technology to offer best-in-class structural packaging. In addition, its shipping solutions are known for the massive reductions in damages they produce. 

And if you do not need a custom solution but still need the effectiveness of foam, we recommend looking through our standard solutions. These ready-to-ship solutions are perfect for mailing or shipping fragile profile products such as glass bottled beverages or picture frames. Check out all our options here. 

The Altor Solutions family of brands is ready to help you with your protective packaging needs. Reach out to us at sales@plymouthfoam.com with any questions or to get your order started. We look forward to serving you!