Too Cool Foam Sculptures

Well, it’s finally hot and humid outside here in Plymouth, Wisconsin, so we have a topic here to help cool your temperature way down. How about we talk about…. ice (and no, not the cube kind in your summer lemonade). Well here’s another one – with a unique twist.

Just a few years ago, we sponsored a foam sculpting contest alongside EPS 3D Art International. The contest took place in Milwaukee back in 2012 at Winter Fest and actually featured two separate contests. The first was a foam sculpting competition for six local artists. The artists had to follow a theme of winter scenes and characters, with a panel of industry professionals deciding on a winner. The second category was holiday ornament sculpting for local high school and college students following the mentioned theme from before.

The icing (if you will) on the cake was the final piece of the event which featured live foam sculpting done by a few experts. The event was a great way to veer from traditional ice sculpting and utilize one of the greatest materials on the market – foam (okay, we might be a little biased). Not to mention it showed off the abilities of talented artists right here in our own backyard. And both of those together definitely made this a COOL occasion.

See the works now featured in our Plymouth office-