Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Innovation. Fun. Entrepreneurialism. These are core values of Spin Master® , a children’s entertainment company based in Toronto, Canada. You will recognize their brands from products such as a 7-Eleven Slurpee®, Aqua Doodle®, Spy Gear® and of course, Air Hogs®; a common household name that includes toys such as RC helicopters and land and air vehicles. We say “of course” due to the fact that one product in particular is manufactured in our facility – together we’re celebrating a BIG, fun, milestone. More about that later…

The company history of Spin Master® itself is a truly inspirational one. They were founded in 1994 after three partners set out with only $10,000 and an entrepreneurial spirit. Although their journey to success can be described as a ‘rollercoaster adventure’, Spin Master® now calls 18 brands their own (a complete list can be found here).

So many great things are happening in their company, where do we come into play? Roughly four years ago, our companies allied to manufacture their durable, damage resistant foam plane from Air Hogs® called the Titan. This four-foot wingspan foam airplane is the largest plane they make – with its easy assembly and battery free features – it is a must-have for kids ages 5+. Some have even converted the plane into an RC plane (watch video here)

In the four short years we have manufactured the product (Air Hogs® was founded in 1998), time has sure flown (no pun intended!). Flown so quickly, in fact, that this month we manufactured our 1,000,000th plane. We felt it only necessary to celebrate the success; each employee of our three facilities was rewarded with cake and snacks (found on airplanes!). We even snapped a few pictures as seen below with George Palmer, VP of Business and Product Development, in Plymouth, Wisconsin (and it is quite clear that we all REALLY love cake!).

This blog was dedicated to not only this milestone but to an ally we appreciate having as part of our network. So, thank you Spin Master® and Air Hogs®, for designing a product that we are proud to manufacture. We wish you many more years of innovative and fun success. What a great reminder for us all to remember; time flies when you’re having fun.