There is Such Thing as Ideal Produce

For over 80 years, Rough Brothers has helped commercial growers increase their crop yield. Recently, they have created a commercial hydroponic greenhouse: an ideal environment for optimal vegetable growth. By adding elements to the environment such as temperature control and structured growing systems, quality is predictable and consistently grown for year round production.


In 2012, we partnered with Rough Brothers to create our product in the form of lettuce rafts for a commercial greenhouse. How can lettuce and foam come together to create ideal produce? Let us explain our reasoning.


This commercial hydroponic greenhouse was put into action for the Evergreen Cooperatives of Cleveland; in particular, the Green City Growers Cooperative., Inc. , a 3.25-acre leafy greens (Bibb lettuce, gourmet lettuce, green leaf lettuce and basil) greenhouse which opened on February 25th of 2013. The crops produced from the greenhouse will account for three million heads of lettuce, leafy greens AND three hundred thousand pounds of herbs every year; (hello, healthy living!) marketed to grocery stores and foodservice companies within a 150 mile radius of Cleveland. Their goal? To have product placed from the greenhouse to the consumer in less than 48 hours.


So, where do we come into play you may ask? A float bed system made of foam, is the housing dock for the seedlings and lettuce heads that are placed in the nutrient rich waters of the hydroponic greenhouse. They migrate through the waters, hydroplaning until time for harvesting. Cool, huh?


Well, it is spring and for the remainder of us who plant our gardens and patiently wait for fruits and vegetables to reach their peak harvest – we wish you a plentiful season! While waiting….(maybe even for the ground to thaw) the Green City Growers have put together an informative YouTube video for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!


See you next week!