Thematic Elements: Our Favorite Dimension

Elements, by definition, are referred to a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic. Elements are everywhere; science, medicine, culture, technology…and yes, you guessed it, EPS foam.  You may have passed EPS foam at your favorite theme park, saw it during your favorite musical or while on vacation; it can be found everywhere and due to its formability and light weight, EPS foam can be molded into virtually any shape.

These shapes, in fact, can help create an architectural phenomena when coated with polyurethane, polyuria, or exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) coatings. We call this our version of thematic elements; three-dimensional unique foam structures found in places mentioned above.

To give you further examples, take a walk on the Las Vegas strip. If you have been there, you may recall the impressive Luxor pyramid hotel with its giant sphinx; fabricated from EIFS form and standing 10 stories high (81 feet to be exact). Another example leads us to Seuss Landing at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida where we can find two-dimensional figures come alive. The red and white hat has become a symbolic icon of the Cat in the Hat and now stands 31 feet tall thanks to EPS foam’s formability.

Our favorite feature of EPS foam’s role in thematic elements is the ability to add additional dimensions; helping structures to come alive that once decorated, are as lifelike as the real thing (well, almost).