The Plymouth Foam Difference

John F. Kennedy once said, “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

When we sit back to think about it further…the statement J.F.K. once made serves us directly when additional wording is added, Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction…to complete a quality product.

When you think about quality, so much is focused on the end product; elements are very apparent. Does it live up to the product characteristics that were outlined? Is it dimensionally stable? Can it survive the drop test? Each question provides an individual effort that completes a purpose.

As important as each one of those questions is to the final product, we feel it is equally as important to highlight the efforts and courage necessary to recognize the details.

From a product’s start to finish, we hope to educate you on the ‘Plymouth Foam difference’ and why we feel it is important to our market capabilities.

When we come in to approach a situation we like to look at the big picture, complete with many little details. We ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ a lot when addressing the direct needs of the customer. That’s why informational meetings with production lines or management teams can help us gain a better understanding for what you (as the customer) are looking to achieve. By doing so, we believe we can raise the bar higher by not only providing a quality product today, but ensure a quality product is produced in the future.

Once the purpose is defined our efforts begin. Our process includes many departments that do not directly involve the actual EPS bead. The sourcing of the bead is not just a commodity item; it is selected from a variety of suppliers. The utilities used are an important input in production, including the quality of our water to produce steam. Equipment is kept well maintained and training is provided to keep our associates safe. We take great pride in the training and culture of our facilities where associates are encouraged to feel empowered; changing processes if something is being produced out of guidelines.

          As you may have come to agree, efforts and courage are not enough without direction and purpose. We recognize the ‘Plymouth Foam difference’ as it directly pertains to creating a quality product. Meeting expectations is not what we strive to achieve; exceeding them is our focus.