The Big Picture

Here at Plymouth Foam we go about our “business”: manufacturing foam and creating products. We collaborate with our clients to create a solution for their business needs and in the end, everyone wins.
That’s the little picture.
When we widen the lens, it’s obvious our company is comprised of a lot more than foam and material products. Our company was built on family traditions that our employees carry out today. Our employees are the reason behind our company’s success and are an essential piece to our future.
In order to take care of our beloved staff, Plymouth Foam helped establish the Center for Health and Wellness, a multi-organizational health co-op located here in Plymouth. The Center (operated by Prevea Health) was visited last week by Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch to discuss their (our) unprecedented approach to employee wellness. The Center has seven company members from throughout our local county: City of Plymouth, Masters Gallery Foods, Inc., Muth Mirror Systems, Plyco Corporation, Plymouth Foam, PTX and Van Horn Automotive Group. This facility, with the help of Prevea, now offers a variety of services to their employees and their dependents including a nurse practitioner, physical therapy, chiropractic, health coaching, nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian, full laboratory and radiology services, and urgent care during off days, weekends, and holidays. Due to rising health care costs, all of these services offer a more effective health care option for employees and their families.
“A majority of health issues are lifestyle related, so our philosophy with the Center is to effect positive behavioral change. Long-term, behavioral changes can trigger improvement in future generations as well, critical when you consider that children are projected to have shorter life spans than their parents,” said David Bolland, President and CEO of Plymouth Foam.
We see the importance of keeping our employees and their families healthy. The Center for Health and Wellness is a great opportunity for us to join forces and provide the services necessary to take care of our employees at an affordable cost. Healthy employees make a healthy company.
And that’s the big picture.
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