Thank you, Around The Corner with John McGivern

Do you recall our blog July 2014, Small Town with Big News? Our wonderful city of Plymouth was featured on its own documentary episode that airs TONIGHT (Thursday, January 8th) on a Milwaukee Public Broadcasting Station, PBS. But first things first, our community premiere event…

Monday night our community gathered at the local high school to support the premiere of Plymouth’s episode of Around the Corner with John McGivern; unfazed by the -9 degree temperatures that reminded us all how much we love and adore weather in Wisconsin (well,  actually…just summer weather).  John and his crew entertained us with their fun history facts, upcoming agenda for Around the Corner episodes and witty senses of humor. As the mere sold out crowd gathered, we were reminded how much history Plymouth has to offer; and laughed at the fact that a historical marker had now been transformed into a liquor store (yes, we did just stereotype ourselves). In the end, we were retold how extremely fortunate we are to work, live and play in such an amazing community.

The show was established to showcase cities throughout Wisconsin and is now in its fourth season; having so much success that it now airs in Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern Illinois. Each episode features the unique qualities of one community; John McGivern goes behind the scenes to talk with employers, residents and other people familiar with the locale…this episode also includes a section that joins us, Plymouth Foam, behind the scenes of our manufacturing process! We have many local business’ to thank for helping to make this airing possible: Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Sargento Cheese, Road America, DeO’Malley’s Pizza Pub, Antionette’s and Plymouth Rotary Club. Also, thank you to John McGivern, John Gurda, Lois Maurer and team for choosing Plymouth, Wisconsin!


Here is a little sneak peak of his upcoming season, in lieu of saying, see you next week dare we say…Cheers!


 John McGivern Plymouth premiere