Telecommuting impacts building and construction

No matter the industry, COVID-19 has changed business practices. Building and construction, in particular, have faced much uncertainty in the past two years. Recently, Associated Builders & Contractors of Wisconsin looked at the industry’s unique challenges and how businesses and contractors can prepare for the upcoming year.

It is not news to anyone in construction that supply chains are heavily disrupted right now. What may be news is that telecommuting has changed where people are building and buying. Before the pandemic, building was heavily concentrated in city centers, younger buyers wanted to be close to all the dining and entertainment urban areas could provide. As more and more companies have let their employees stay virtual, that trend is reversing. Buyers now want to live somewhere their dollars go further, leading towards more people moving – and consequently building – to suburbs farther from the city. In some cases, buyers are even moving states to have a lower cost of living. 

For those in building and construction, it means now is the time to pay attention to migration patterns. Make plans for what supplies will be needed to build in newly popular locations. 

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