Takeaways from the EPS Expo 2022

Last week we told you all about the EPS Expo and what a big event it is for our industry. This week, we’re looking back on what VP/GM Mark Schuh says were the highlights, as well as the big focus of the event – sustainability. 

Returning to the office this week, Mark told fellow team members at Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions Company, that the week was “great,”  and that it “was so good to be together again” (the conference had not taken place since 2019 due to COVID-19). He was particularly proud to be in attendance when Michael Hays received the 2022 Roberts Service Award.  Mark told us, “I serve with Michael on several committees and it was great to see one of our Altor Solutions leaders recognized.” Plymouth Foam and Altor Solutions team members agree it was well deserved! 

And of course, sustainability was a big focus of the conference. In terms of “end of life (EOL)”, EPS Foam has a lot of options. As Mark states, “With continued advancements in technology it is providing more EOL options for EPS including advanced recycling, recycled material content resin, biodegradability of EPS or general curbside recycling where it exists.”  One of the game changers for EPS is the biodegradable options that have become available in the last few years. The below graphic from the EPS Industry Alliance shows the circular economy of biodegradable foam as one part of the overall sustainability plan throughout the industry.

Along with others in the EPS industry, Plymouth Foam, and all of the Altor Solutions Companies, continue to seek better and better ways to use, reuse and recycle EPS foam. If you have any questions about these practices, we encourage you to read more at epsindustry.org, or by emailing us directly at sales@plymouthfoam.com