Sustainable Solutions from Altor Solutions, Rational Packaging

How often do you get told to think inside the box? We would bet never. Yet that is precisely what Rational Packaging did – literally. They asked themselves, “What inside the box would improve customer experience?”. The answer, of course, is an undamaged product. So they set about creating a solution to dramatically decrease the percentage of products that arrive damaged due to ineffective shipping and cushioning solutions. And they succeeded. This is the first in a series of Sustainable Solutions made possible because of Altor Solutions’ investment into Plymouth Foam, Polyfoam, Foam Fabricators and our customers!

Rational Packaging became a part of the Altor Solutions family in 2020 through a strategic investment by Compass Diversified. Working with Rational Packaging we create a “best of both worlds” packaging solution. As a result, all product packaging options are available to customers with the paper-backed packaging solutions of Rational Packaging and the foam-backed packaging solutions of the Altor Solutions brands: Plymouth Foam, Polyfoam, and Foam Fabricators. Thanks to Altor Solutions we can add even more sustainable options to our valued customers!

Rational Packaging leverages patented designs and unique manufacturing capabilities to approach customer problems in transformative ways. It is transformative because it opens up new ways of thinking about effective packaging for shipping and customer satisfaction and its effect on the bottom line. For example, before working with Rational Packaging, one customer had a 26% percent damage rate: that’s a huge “ouch” on profits, not to mention its effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. But, within two months, the team at Rational Packaging crafted a solution that reduced the client’s damage rate to ZERO. 

With mind-boggling success stories like the one above, Rational Packaging’s extensive library of patents should be no surprise. They currently have 17 patents issued and in force, with another 14-pending award. Everything they produce is also 100% recycled and 100% recyclable—three cheers for environmental wins. By adding EPS foam to Rational Packaging’s paper-based solution, Altor Solutions has engineered the perfect marriage for shipping success. 

If you have a head-scratcher of a shipping problem – or just a new product needing a sustainable solution – reach out to us at Our team of problem solvers is eager to get started on a solution for you. 

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