Sustainability Innovations in the EPS Industry

A number of exciting innovations have occurred in the EPS foam space recently from a sustainability perspective. Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions company, values the sustainability efforts of our fellow EPS foam producers and other organizations. This week we wanted to highlight a few of these efforts.

In Mason, OH, the company Eco Development, which specializes in helping businesses find sustainable solutions, ran a summer “foam-a-thon”. During the month of July, they set a goal to collect 13,000 pounds of foam for recycling. They exceeded this goal, collecting and recycling 16,812 pounds!  Way to go, Eco Development! 

Another sustainability focused company, Recyclops, is trying to change the game when it comes to hard to recycle items. Their current program, which is in 19 states, runs a monthly subscription service that allows customers to recycle just about everything – including EPS foam! 

And not to be left out is Agilyx. With multiple locations around the world, Agilyx is using its technology to reduce waste, particularly of plastic, throughout the world. As part of this effort, they are using chemistry to create a more circular economy, including recycling EPS foam. 

At Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions company, our facilities are closely connected with the surrounding community and we have a strong sense of shared responsibility for environmental stewardship. We routinely recycle the materials in our factories and we extend that service to our communities and our customers. This means that residents in the Sheboygan County area (or anyone willing to make the drive!) can recycle their EPS foam at our recycling drop off center at 1800 Sunset Drive in Plymouth, WI. Help us make our world a greener place. 

And to keep up with these and other EPS related happenings, make sure to follow the EPS-IA and Plymouth Foam on Twitter, @EPSRecycle and @plymouthfoam.