Supporting Sheboygan South High School Surfboard Project

Plymouth Foam (PF) was pleased to donate EPS material to Sheboygan South’s High School Art Department; this donation allowed students to take part in a school project producing surfboards and stand up paddle boards.  We were thrilled to get an update on the project this week. 

 The final results are remarkable! Be sure to check out the Sheboygan South High Malibu of the Midwest Surfboard Project video, as it quickly highlights the project in its entirety. 

Did you know Sheboygan, Wisconsin is known as the “Malibu of the Midwest”? The Sheboygan surf scene has gained popularity among youth in the area. A number of Sheboygan South students have worked at EOS Surf, a Sheboygan surf shop, and have instructed private surfing lessons. Knowing this, art teacher, Brian Sommersberger wanted to incorporate student interests, like surfing, into the school’s art curriculum.

Through grants, district funds and other community donations, a team of local artists gathered to help make this big idea into reality. (What a meaningful and memorable experience for these students!)  Sheboygan South High collaborated with Craig Grabhorn of c.Cal Studio and artist/musician, Cooper Diers, to work with students on the design process and production techniques. 

Art teacher, Mr. Sommmersberg, said the process of making surfboards was new to everyone involved. He stated the following, “A temporary surfboard carving room was made using plastic visqueen including a portable ventilation system for the epoxy resins. The carving and sanding portion of each board definitely created the biggest mess leaving tiny particles of [EPS] contained to our clothes and the carving room.” It looks like fun!  At the end, students were given time to paint designs on the boards and then epoxy clear coats and ultraviolet clear coats were applied to add final protection.

PF donated enough EPS material for four (4) stand up paddle boards and two (2)  surfboards which were created by students during the 2019-2020 school year.  If you have not already, check out the Sheboygan South High Malibu of the Midwest Surfboard Project video!

This is yet another example of the versatility of EPS in so many applications.  If we can help you with your projects, please contact us at