Supplier Partners and Airpop® EPS

Quality Begins with the Right Supplier Partners!

Airpop® EPS is used to produce products we use every day. Plymouth Foam works closely with supplier partners to get raw materials that make home insulation, food containers, and temperature sensitive shipping containers. Products made with Airpop® EPS impact our lives by keeping our homes’ heating and cooling more efficient, our hot foods hot and cold foods cold, protecting pharmaceuticals from temperature swings, and providing product cushioning during shipment.

Supplier Partners Meet Quality Standards 

Our supplier partners meet the highest quality standards. This is especially important so that we can assure that products made with Airpop® EPS perform to our customer needs.

Materials Meet Specifications

Having the right partners, who produce high quality material that meets specifications, assures that our manufacturing processes are efficient yet effective. We take in our ability to deliver a consistent product every single time. 


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