Spin Masters ‘Hatches’ A Success!

One of the most popular toys sold this past holiday season was Hatchimals by children’s entertainment company Spin Master. Hatchimals are interactive, colorful, plastic eggs that hatch creatures! They were the most popular toy on Amazon and at Walmart, so popular other retailers entirely ran out during the holiday season.


Spin Masters is a Toronto, Canada company that was founded in 1994 after three partners set out with only $10,000 and an entrepreneurial spirit. Although their journey to success can be described as a ‘rollercoaster adventure’, Spin Master now calls 18 brands based on innovation, creativity and fun their own, a few of them are: Air Hogs, Angry Birds, Paw Patrol, and 7-Eleven Slurpee.


What’s the connection between Plymouth Foam and Spin Master? A few years back Plymouth Foam  started to manufacture their durable, damage resistant foam plane from Air Hogs called the Titan. This four-foot wingspan foam airplane is the largest plane they make.


Next time you see Air Hogs in a Walmart,  just think… some of those toy parts were manufactured right here in Plymouth, Wisconsin.


Learn more about Spin Master: https://goo.gl/XFcSU5