Someplace Better Campaign Efficiently Fills Plymouth Foam Positions

We live in Someplace Better.

Throughout the years we’ve seen growth and expansion, not only at Plymouth Foam but within Sheboygan County. Our whole county seemed booming yet we needed more qualified applicants to fill our open positions.


We were doing all the right things: strong core values, family-oriented work environment, encouraging creativity, collaborative workplace, increased compensation package and so forth. We know at Plymouth Foam our success lies within our skilled and dedicated associates! How to communicate these messages to the right job seekers was something we needed to seek additional help.


Cue the Someplace Better Campaign.


As we partnered with the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC), the launch of the digital campaign Someplace Better, helped organize and promote a  job fair to fill our positions. Expanding operations at our headquarters in Plymouth, WI was taking place. With an initial investment and letting Someplace Better marketing assets go to work, our job fair resulted in 120 applications for 20 posted entry-level positions. 


We recently had a SCEDC testimonial piece written and applauded the “Someplace Better” campaign for their marketing efforts. Most importantly, the campaign filled our open positions with qualified candidates!


…We collaboratively worked with the Someplace Better campaign to get the ‘job’ done. To read full article, please visit “Manufacturer Fills Jobs Efficiently with “Someplace Better” Campaign” written by the SCEDC.

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