SilverLiner™ Insulated Shipping Solution

Are you shipping temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, medical products, meal kits, pet food/treats?

Plymouth Foam (PF) offers the best combination of protection and temperature control for shipping cold chain requirements.  SilverLiner™ is easy and cost effective, available in standard sizes or custom fitted to your carton size and is energy reflective for superior insulation. 

SilverLiner™ Benefits

  • Easy and Cost Effective – Simple, easy to assemble 2-PC concept. Ships flat with 3x the reduction to freight volume and warehouse space needed.
  • Custom Fitted – Fully customizable; adaptable to your preexisting carton sizes and styles, allowing for no tooling costs.
  • Energy Reflective – Insulated liner keeps whatever you need to be kept cold for an extended amount of time, protected.

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