SilverLiner™ Offers Customer Tested, Easy to Use, Cost Effective Product

Did you know that Plymouth Foam has an awesome product called the SilverLiner™ ?

This product is customer tested, easy to use, cost effective product offers energy reflective polymeric facers. We are able to utilize energy efficient NEOPOR® (EPS) foam core insulation; offering shipping liners that are adaptable to your preexisting carton sizes and styles. This product is readily available for most insulated packaging needs. 

The SilverLinerinsert is different than most coolers and will allow you to create an insulated shipping container to your desired specifications.  Just let us know your carton size!

Industries for the application of SilverLiner include temperature controlled pharmaceuticals,  home delivery, consumer goods, medical devices and food production and more.

Contact your Plymouth Foam sales representative or just click here to get in touch with one of our wonderfully talented team members to learn more!