Ship Us Snow, Yo!

We’re thankful winter is over. In fact, we’ve had record breaking temperatures here in Wisconsin the past few weeks; confirming the fact that we truly only have two seasons…winter and spring (just kidding – it depends on the year). Speaking of temperatures and snow; did you know that it takes well over 100 hours for 13 pounds of snow to melt (and that’s at 80 degree temperatures!)?

We recently came across an (entertaining) effort called, Ship Snow, Yo! Ship Snow, Yo, allows you to purchase the record breaking snow that (literally) shut down the north-east coast this past winter. So, how does it work? According to the website, ShipShowYo.Com, “Our staff hand packs fluffy snow into temperature resistant and airtight plastic bags. The snow is packed as densely as possible to preserve the consistency. We then take these bags and packaged them into thick 1.5″ Styrofoam containers.”

The snow is packaged and shipped overnight to anywhere in the United States and is intended to be used for entertainment; snowman building, snowball fighting, snow angel making, fun. Thanks to Ship Snow, Yo and foam containers, everyone in the United States can enjoy snowflakes without the hassle of shoveling, salting and all things related to winter storms.

* The campaign has partnered with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and hopes to raise funds to help drive awareness for the homeless; asking for $10 donations in exchange for a virtual shovel on their website.

boston-snow boxes