Working Together To Solve Sheboygan’s Non-Attainmemnt Reclassification

Why do we need to reconsider Sheboygan County’s non-attainment classification?

Sheboygan is an exquisite county that has many amenities enjoyed by visitors, residents and employers; the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline, world renowned golf, home of growing and successful businesses and clean fresh crisp air.


Clean, fresh, crisp air according to the monitor near downtown Sheboygan.


However, the second (poorly placed) air monitor is holding Sheboygan County accountable for poor air quality, costing local businesses millions.


This past February, the Wisconsin Manufacture & Commerce asked the EPA to reconsider the Sheboygan non-attainment  reclassification. For decades, studies have proven that readings from the air monitor are the result of other state’s air. Noted in the Wisconsin Manufacture & Commerce article, “less than 10 percent of the ozone in Sheboygan County comes from sources in the State of Wisconsin”. All while there is DNR certified data from an air monitor that demonstrates Sheboygan County is meeting clean air standards.


The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, The Wisconsin Manufactures & Commerce and the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerces have teamed up to help educate, showcase an insightful video and discuss a policy on the poorly placed air monitor that is severely impacting the local economy.


Our own, Steve Steinpreis, is committed and determined to bring this topic to the attention of lawmakers throughout the state and nation. He quotes the following, “The EPA is ignoring the science of VOC and NOX transport, they  have developed state of the art air monitoring equipment and ignore the facts of the results, thus penalizing a community’s efforts to be sustainable and provide lifelong work opportunities to those who live here”.