CrossFit Eastern Ridge/Western Ridge and Plymouth Foam Join Forces With the Sheboygan County Food Bank

CrossFit Eastern/Western Ridge and Plymouth Foam have joined forces to fight hunger in Sheboygan County. Our combined “Food Fight” effort raised a total of $1,280 and collected over 2000 pounds of donated items for the Sheboygan County Food Bank.


How Did We Do It?


Throughout the month of November, the athletes of CFER/CFWR were given the opportunity to make someone in our communities holiday a little brighter. As a fun and exciting way to involve the coaches, and encourage donations, every time an athlete contributed to the “Food Fight”, their coach of choice would be obligated tally one burpee.


“We couldn’t be more proud of our athletes stepping forward to help fight hunger throughout Sheboygan County. The task of burpees pales in comparison to what some people have to endure. We are just thrilled to be able to help where we can” stated Tom Matzdorf, Operations Manager of CrossFit Eastern Ridge/Western Ridge.


The Numbers Are In…


Below are the final numbers of burpees that coaches had to complete. The winning coaches with the most food items get to plan a workout….(dare we think that some form of payback is near?)!


Tom: 1568
Rachael: 1000
Marty: 955
Abbie: 644
Heather: 509
Ryan: 441
Sabrina: 267
Dave: 264
Cameron: 154
Aaron: 138


Thanks again for everyone who participated and donated to fight hunger in our County! Cheers to our community of generous donors.