Serving Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and More!

At Altor Solutions, we are dedicated to serving all industries, whether you are in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical or somewhere in between. We will provide the most cutting edge and innovative ideas to satisfy all of your foam needs and find a solution for you.

In the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, we offer EPS (expanded polystyrene) coolers and shipping boxes to keep items well-insulated. EPS is perfect for shipping a wide variety of temperature sensitive products such as perishable foods and medicines. We offer standardized cooler sizes or the option to create a custom-design to fit your specific needs.

We also assist with consumer packaging. In this area, we utilize our plethora of high-quality foam materials that can be either rigid or flexible, depending on project requirements. Our team collaborates with you to find a solution that is effective, economical and innovative.

The final two industries we will focus on are appliances and plumbing. In terms of appliances, we are able to bring considerable packaging and component design to your project. Our molded packaging components are used on some of the most advanced units that sit on your countertop and high volume products sold in big box stores. We create materials that prevent damage to these large appliances during shipment. Similarly, our foams are a perfect match for the needs of many plumbing applications where insulation, protection, longevity, toughness, water-resistance and dimensional accuracy are essential. EPP (expanded polypropylene) has proven to be capable of providing critical properties for mechanical considerations. 

These are just a few of the industries we serve here at Altor Solutions company. For a full list of industries and applications, head to our website. Remember, no matter what industry you are in, we are here to provide you with quality solutions for all of your foam needs.