Plymouth Foam – Schaumaplast Collaboration Announcement

September 8, 2016

One month ago, Plymouth Foam announced our venture in Engineered Particle Foams (EPP, EPE, ETPU, others) on our 38th anniversary.  Today, we are excited to formally announce our partnership with Schaumaplast Group, an international foam manufacturer originally established in Germany.  Over 3 years in the making, our partnership is unique in that each company will remain independently owned and operated, but will leverage our complementary skills to collaborate as a single company.  “When we first met, it was quickly evident that our companies shared similar cultures and core values, but we also possessed very complementary skill sets”, said David Bolland, President/CEO of Plymouth Foam.  He continued, “Creating the partnership structure was
relationship building as well, as we were both singularly focused on creating benefits for our mutual stakeholders without losing the flexibility and efficiency of independent, family-owned organizations.”


Plymouth Foam and Schaumaplast complement each other in multiple ways, such as geographically, organizationally, stakeholder partners, and market segments.  Together, we expect to leverage our knowledge and experience, accelerating the number and variety of innovations for our mutual customers.  “Both of our organizations are focused on continuous improvement and have already been sharing ideas on materials, processes, and future developments”, said Bernhard Hauck, President/CEO of Schaumaplast Group.  He continued, “With the partnership structure established, our teams are anxious to execute our plans and collaborate for the benefit of our customers.”  Schaumaplast has been engaged in the EPS industry for more than 50 years and in Engineered Particle Foams for
over 10 years.  Schaumaplast shares optimism in developing new applications in the United States and globally.


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