Protecting Foundations with SAV+R®

Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions company, always seeks to innovate based upon our view of market needs. As a partner to building and construction customers, it became clear several years ago that foundation problems were of significant concern – and cost – to builders and homeowners. Damage to foundations typically derives from one of the following issues: backfill pressure, hydrostatic pressure, frost heave, lateral soil pressure, and insulation that is too stiff. Years of lab work, research, and multiple trials and learnings led us to create SAV+R® Foundation Insulation.

In conjunction with our partner, Miller Engineers & Scientists, Plymouth Foam designed SAV+R® using engineered EPS foam that incorporates RID Technology®. The product was a 2020 Engineering Excellence State Finalist in Wisconsin. More important than accolades, however, is the product’s effectiveness. RID Technology® – which stands for Reduce, Insulate, Drain – allows for superior stress management and easy flow drainage pathways that reduce lateral pressure on the foundation by up to 40%. Designed to reduce the pressure from backfilling, compacting, clay or soil swelling, and frost heave, SAV+R® is the superior choice in most climates and situations.

SAV+R® also offers better insulation than its more rigid counterparts and performs better than alternative products on the market. In addition, its ability to adapt to the thaw/freeze cycles in the areas many of our customers build in makes it a superior insulation option for foundations. SAV+R® is available with R-values of five, ten, or fifteen. Due to its innovative Easy Flow Drainage Pathways™, SAV+R® is an excellent way to add longevity to waterproofing while reducing frost heave and hydrostatic pressure.

At Plymouth Foam, an Altor Solutions company, we succeed when our customers succeed. This is why we create innovative products based on market needs.. If you are looking for unique solutions to your building and construction problems, reach out to us at