SAV+R™ Foundation Protection Helps Reduce Foundation Issues

We would like to introduce a new patent pending technology that helps reduce foundation issues before they start.

Cue SAV+R™.

SAV+R™ has been developed through years of study and research in the construction industry. Foundation/drywall cracks, bulging foundation walls, moisture leaking, structural issues, mold, strange odors, window/doors not opening/closing and even pest invasions have led to our critical thinking: having a foundation insulation that absorbs movement instead of transferring it. 

What makes SAV+R™ work so differently? R.I.D. Technology™.


Reduce Lateral Pressures by up to 40% using SAV+R Foundation. When lateral pressure pushes on the SAV+R foundation board, the integrated Stress Reducers can “absorb” this pressure and help save your foundation from failure. SAV+R has been designed to handle 4 types of pressure:

  1. reduces backfilling pressures
  2. reduces compacting pressures
  3. reduces clay or soil swell pressures
  4. reduces frost heave pressures


SAV+R uses Engineered EPS which provides a stable R-value for the life of the foundation. SAV+R is available with R-values of 5, 10 or 15. SAV+R Engineered EPS:

  1. does not leach harmful chemicals into soil
  2. has very low moisture absorption
  3. not affected by freeze-thaw cycles
  4. 100% recyclable
  5. contains no ozone depleting chemicals


Water leaking into foundation walls via hydrostatic pressure can cause serious issues. SAV+R incorporates Easy Flow Drainage PathwaysTM (EFDP) to move water quickly to the foundation drains. EFDP can help:

  1. reduce insulation moisture absorption
  2. reduce hydrostatic pressure
  3. reduce frost heave
  4. accelerate drying
  5. add longevity to the waterproofing

This new technology will be officially unveiled at the end of March. will be officially released at the end of March and available to protect your investment!

Both Residential and Commercial brochures have been made available at this time. We also ask to please visit for any inquiries.