Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident

A wise person once said, “safety doesn’t happen by accident”. When we stop for a moment to think about that saying, various thoughts come to mind. One word, in particular, stands out to us: protection.

As we have understood the definition of the word of protection, there are many meanings for the word to be used; the action of protecting someone or something, a thing that prevents something from suffering harm or injury or a legal measure intended to preserve civil liberties and rights.

As we approach the holiday weekend, protecting someone or something from suffering harm or injury can apply in more than one way; protection from a windshield while riding in a vehicle, safety glasses protecting our eyes when igniting sparklers or seeking protection in a shelter during a storm. Heck, even keeping your refreshments protected in a cooler from the hot day’s sun.

So, if safety doesn’t happen by accident, how does it happen? Long story short, we can always count on EPS foam to provide protection. As the holiday weekend approaches, we hope you (and your refreshments) stay safe.