Keeping Food Safe and Delicious

When it comes to food delivery and preparation, there are often two primary concerns: safety and flavor. And both of these concerns are primarily affected by temperature. When delivering fresh foods, it is vital that food be kept at the appropriate temperature. For some fresh foods, such as meat, seafood, and dairy products, a storage temperature that is too warm allows for bacteria growth that affects the safety of consumption. For other fresh foods, such as produce, the storage temperature can neither be too warm nor too cold. Too warm will encourage rot and mold, while too cold could cause the produce to partially freeze, becoming mushy when it returns to room temperature. And nobody wants a mushy apple (unless it’s in applesauce, of course!). Some produce, like tomatoes, loses flavor when stored in cooler temperatures. 

On the other side of food preparation is the delivery of pre-prepared meals. When you’re looking for a hot meal, there’s nothing worse than receiving a lukewarm one. For group living and healthcare facilities, preparing and delivering large quantities of meals occurs multiple times a day, often over large areas of physical space. For instance, food may be prepared on the first floor of the east wing of a hospital but need to be delivered to patients on the tenth floor of the west wing. 

In both situations, proper storage containers mean the difference between safe and delicious food and unappetizing and hazardous food. The Altor Solutions family of brands, including Plymouth Foam, Polyfoam, and Foam Fabricators, creates solutions that ensure your food delivery arrives precisely in the manner you meant it to, whether that is hot or cold. These solutions include insulated dinnerware, insulated totes, ambient temperature totes, and gel cooling bottles. We also offer deli shippers and “chill” totes. Best of all, we can provide custom solutions when you have a unique application. So whether you need to ship groceries to individuals and stores or you need to ensure patient food is warm upon arrival, Plymouth Foam and the Altor Solutions family of brands can help. Reach out with your next project to Happy cooking!