Safe Driving, Thanks to EPS Foam!

Vroom. Vroom. Are you a speed racer? …Perhaps a backseat driver? …What about a(n overly) cautious motorist? Whichever you choose to be, we understand (as do you!) that one of the most important features of an automobile is safety.  That’s why we can’t wait to tell you all about what role EPS foam plays in your vehicle.

Whether you have realized it already or not, EPS foam increases safety for you and your vehicle passengers acting as a lightweight, energy absorbing, passenger comfort agent. It acts as your first line of defense in case of an accident yet keeps temperatures and sound controls to your preference.  EPS foam also allows your vehicle to be more fuel efficient and stylish.

Next time you get in your vehicle do a few checks. You may be surprised to find it in the most unique places, for example, under the hood where it helps to reduce engine noise to the cabin or under cushions for extra seat comfort.  So go ahead and enjoy your safer, quieter, more fuel efficient drive or being a backseat driver. Whichever you prefer.