RV Industry For Vacationers, We Support You!

COVID-19 has significantly altered what is considered “normal” around the world. Vacationers are itching to get back to traveling despite the potential fear of going places by air, railway or water. In the midst of the uncertain times, more adventure seekers have turned to RVs as a way to travel in a socially distant manner. 

Plymouth Foam supports the RV industry by supplying insulation and structural-core components essential to the integrity of these vehicles.

RVs bring luxury to road trips…and is a great way to see and appreciate the beauty around us! During a time where people want to minimize contact with others, the RV industry is seeing a surge in demand. 

Craig Kirby, RV Industry Association President, said, “RV travel allows people to sleep in their own bed, cook gourmet meals, and control where they go. [As] federal and state restrictions are lifted, [vacationers will] be able to experience the endless range of outdoor wonders throughout the country and the freedom of independent travel that RVs offer.” – Travel Pulse

We are proud to be a part of the RV boom for vacationers….and we greatly appreciate you taking us with you! 😉 Just another reason why we are…#PlymouthFoamGrateful