Red, White and Blue

Are you ready??? The time is here for one of the most eventful weekends of the summer: The 4th of July! Like everywhere else in our great nation, we are celebrating our country’s independence with family traditions and community-wide events while wearing red, white and blue (of course).


We’ve all grown up celebrating this holiday attending parades, cook-outs, picnics and fireworks. All of these events are defining events of summer, but we think it’s important to take some time to appreciate what our national holiday REALLY means to us as Americans. Many of us call the holiday the “4th of July” but officially the holiday is “Independence Day.” As we all have learned in our history classes, our 13 colonies were governed by Great Britain; this control changed on July 4, 1776, when our Declaration of Independence was ratified and officially marked the beginning of our great, new country.


Despite being only 238 years old, there is a deep sense of pride in Americans for their beloved homeland. This was extremely evident in past weeks during the 2014 World Cup, which is being held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Americans have flocked by the thousands in big city arenas and open park areas donning their red, white and blue to cheer on the American Men’s National Team. The team also made their unified mentality clear in this year’s slogan, “One Nation. One Team.”


America is a special place to live and Plymouth Foam is proud to have roots right here in Wisconsin, America’s 30th state. So this Independence Day, make sure you take some time to appreciate what the holiday really means and how blessed we are to live in the land of the free and home of the brave. Have a great holiday weekend!