Recycling and Foam

Let’s face it…we all TRY to recycle; some of us may be better at it than others. So, how do you recycle? Is it soda cans, newspapers, and milk jugs thrown into a blue bag for the garbage collector? Used light bulbs turned into ornaments or empty soda bottles into plant holders? In actuality; recycling, is a simple concept: taking something that isn’t useful anymore and make it into something new, instead of throwing it away.


We have you thinking AGAIN, don’t we?  And, AGAIN you want to know how this relates to foam products. We wouldn’t lead you down the path of beginning to be intrigued only to not have answers. In our industry we use expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging. It is a solution we have mentioned in blogs past; in packaging transport, safety and protection. Polystyrene is plastic #6 and can be found in products such as, packing peanuts, disposable cutlery and coffee lids. When recycled, EPS combined with resin can be turned into beads; creating foam packaging material as well as other plastic products such as clothes hangers or insulation.


Now, here’s the part you already know, companies around the world are continuing to find new ways to be more environmentally friendly, especially with the reusability of polystyrene products. Check back to our blog next week to see how fast food chains have begun to incorporate foam products.