Recreational Vehicle ADVENTURE WITH PF

Plymouth Foam supplies insulation and structural-core components to the RV (Recreational Vehicle) industry. In recent months, the RV industry has seen a renewed interest as COVID-19 has put a damper on flights, cruises and international travel. 

Young, old and in between, many of us are jumping in a recreational vehicle to embark on an adventure of the great outdoors, sightseeing and making memories. It is a breath of fresh air. Right here in the United States, it is an opportunity to unplug and appreciate the beauty surrounding us. 

We support the RV industry for vacationers. The RV you are enjoying most likely is made with Plymouth Foam products. We shape-mold components and create assemblies that are laminated to create structural components essential to the integrity of these recreational vehicles and other products.

Are you a new RV traveler looking to learn more and gain inspiration? 

Adventure awaits! First-time RV owners are hitting the road. Certainly, you are not alone in your decision to become a RV traveler. In fact, one known traveler, Helene in Between, has taken on a new way of traveling. With her recent RV purchase, she plans to pack up her pups and explore the United States. If you have not yet purchased an RV but are looking to, TechnoRV is a great resource. Their RV product insight will help you as you make purchasing decisions.

Thank you for including us on your journey! Have fun and safe travels!