Redding, CA Polystyrene Densifier Recycle Program Up and Running

The polystyrene densifier recycle program is up and running in Redding, CA at the Redding Transfer Station.


The Redding city is pleased to announce they are now accepting and recycling polystyrene. It took about eight months for completion and set up after receiving a $49,000 grant last November; finally the city’s recycling program is underway. According to Public Works Supervisor, Christina Piles, noted in the article,  Redding’s Foam Polystyrene Recycling Program Up and Running, “the expansion to add the densifier took longer than expected and cost more money than they originally estimated but was worth the wait.”


The densifier machine works best with large polystyrene pieces that are crushed up and compacted into small logs that can be easily stored and stacked. It takes about two large garbage collectors to make a small pallet of recycled materials. The recycled logs are then sold to make other materials.


There are many recycling centers throughout the United States. By visiting the EPS Industry Alliance Packaging website there is a location finder, click here to view.


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