Plymouth Foam’s Focus on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Plymouth Foam understands the varied needs of the pharmaceutical markets. Foam materials are used to create cushioning and insulation while products are shipped and stored. We know that when we deliver creative solutions, we are impacting the health of our family, friends and neighbors.

Pharmaceutical industry products are not only medicines. Pharmaceutical markets include temperature sensitive vaccines, blood and plasma, and human tissue and cells. Life sciences companies use organic materials to develop products, all of which are temperature sensitive. Hospitals and medical clinics require chemicals for diagnostic testing. If you know someone who had a CT Scan, a contrast material was used to get a good picture and those materials are safe and effective only when in a temperature-controlled environment.

Delicate instruments used in the pharmaceutical industry require special cushioning. Opportunities for particularly creative solutions with multiple types of foam materials can be developed to protect instruments during shipment. Special foam cases are typical for the storage of instruments sensitive to vibration.

Plymouth Foam is a supplier of Airpop® EPS shipping boxes for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. By avoiding exposure to extreme heat and cold results in vaccines, medicines, and biologics arrive at the destination with the efficacy required. Temperature indicators placed inside the Airpop® EPS shipping boxes show that the foam material is effective in maintaining desired temperature.

AIREHIDE® Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) is  used in the design of specialty shipping and storage for delicate instruments. The cushioning properties and the collaborative design efforts from Plymouth Foam create shipping and storage solutions that protect expensive and delicate instruments.

Contact Plymouth Foam for pharmaceutical markets shipping and storage solutions with Airpop® EPS or AIREHIDE® EPP/EPE.