It’s More Than Plymouth Foam, It’s A Workout Facility, It’s A Community, It’s CrossFit!

Plymouth, WI – Plymouth Foam and CrossFit Eastern Ridge are very excited to announce a NEW CrossFit gym located inside the Plymouth Foam facility. As with CrossFit Eastern Ridge’s original Sheboygan gym, the newly opened Plymouth location is open to current and future athletes…in short, it’s open to the public.


The idea started one year ago when David Bolland, president and owner of Plymouth Foam and Martin Harms, head coach and owner of CrossFit Eastern Ridge (CFER) began discussing ways to grow CrossFit’s impact in the area through a Plymouth location.


Having experienced CFER firsthand, Bolland and fellow associates, Tanya Schad and Amanda George, knew Plymouth Foam could physically and culturally benefit by integrating CrossFit into the team.  Plymouth Foam’s mission “The confidence to do what we can’t” is clearly present in CFER’s community and experience.


With Schad and George leading the way, the Plymouth Foam team responded to the lunch n’ learns, surpassing the goal of 25 committed associates to get the gym opened on February 19.  Seventeen classes are offered each week across all time slots to accommodate associates from all 3 shifts.


“What we’re witnessing is the area’s first corporate partnership with CrossFit, a model designed to bring fitness, teamwork, and fulfillment to fellow associates locally,” says Harms.  He continues, “it’s gratifying to see so many new athletes embrace our motto “better everyday” so quickly.”


Please join us for a special Open House on Saturday, April 14 from 10 am to 1 pm.  Coaches and current athletes will be onsite to share their CrossFit experiences. The new gym is located at 1800 Sunset Drive, Plymouth, but accessible from Highway C on the southwest corner of the facility.  Please stop by!