Case Study: Plymouth Foam’s Ideation for InsulTech™ Custom Solutions

Case Study: Plymouth Foam’s Ideation for InsulTech™ Custom Solutions


Innovative Product Development

Plymouth Foam was approached by OldcastleⓇ to assist with an unique product development. The product needed to fit specific requirements for design and performance, and meet stringent energy codes. OldcastleⓇ selected Plymouth Foam as a result of their innovative and creative process approach to design and development.

OldcastleⓇ and Plymouth Foam worked together to develop the InsulTech™ insulation insert system. The innovative product line is a new commercial insulated concrete masonry system. Plymouth Foam developed the molded Neopor® insulation piece between the structural masonry unit and the thin veneer face.

This wall system, with its complete thermal break, was selected for Stump Ford Dealership in Appleton, Wisconsin’s new facility which included an automatic car wash.

“The architect needed to specify a tough product for the wall that had a high R-value and could be exposed to moisture, wind and the roughness of a car wash bay. It was also important to both the architect and the owner that the wall be aesthetically pleasing.” OldcastleⓇ

Functional and Cost Effective Solution

Plymouth Foam’s unique ability to provide a custom solution is evident in this case. By understanding the need, we were able to use our experience with particle foam molding to provide the ideal product. This showcases our ability to understand, design, mold, fabricate and finish a successful project totally and completely.

Plymouth Foam brought a design process combined with extensive experience, collaboration and willingness to execute and engineer this commercial need. A very special component, the metal strap, needed to be insert-molded inside of each foam part. The stainless steel metal strap connects and holds together the CMU (concrete masonry unit) and the thin veneer face. “This was a very crucial component of how the insulation piece needed to work by locking the parts together mechanically.” said Doreen Lettau, Vice President of Market & Business Development of Plymouth Foam. The insulation component provides InsulTech™ with its high thermal efficiency.

A benefit of working with our team is our ability to offer a complete process, functional and cost effective solution. In this instance, Plymouth Foam also provided the important robotic system necessary for insert-molding the metal strap. We also were able to precisely cut various sizes and pieces for the project using our hot-wire equipment and our gluing rollers to consistently assemble the specialty parts.

This product is proudly made in the USA, fabricated and shipped from our Plymouth, Wisconsin location.

Does your next commercial project have unique and specific requirements to meet your market demands? Contact Plymouth Foam for your solutions.

For a PDF, please click: Plymouth Foam’s Ideation for Insultech™ Custom Solution.