Plymouth Foam Expands Into New Materials And Markets!

Plymouth Foam announces today its venture into EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) as well as other high end particle foams.

(Plymouth, WI) –

Plymouth Foam Inc. is pleased and excited to announce its venture into “Engineered Particle Foams” (EPF).  Included in the category initially are EPP (expanded polypropylene), EPE (expanded polyethylene), and ETPU (expanded thermoplastic urethane).  David Bolland, President and CEO, shared the team’s expectations in stating, “as EPS was our founding material in 1978 and grew to a full platform of solutions today, we have equally high expectations that the EPF platform will further differentiate and distinguish Plymouth Foam as a leader in particle foam solutions for packaging and OEM markets.”  He added, “we have been collaborating with many close partners to introduce EPP into several non­-automotive markets where they can leverage the material’s superior qualities.”  As a recognized leading manufacturer of EPS, Plymouth Foam continues to look at new and innovative ways to add new materials to their repertoire and the creation of the Engineered Particle Foams platform is the next step.  Plymouth Foam is undergoing a facility expansion and has recently added operations associated with processing EPF foams, including shape molding.  According to Jason Nehf, VP of Sales and Marketing, “introducing EPP to our product offering will enable us to serve new markets and new applications that are currently underserved today.”  EPP has mostly been utilized in the automotive industry; we are looking to take it into new markets and applications where the physical properties and characteristics can be leveraged to provide huge advantages to companies willing to think outside of the box and see how it can improve their operations and products.

Plymouth Foam, with over 38 years of particle foam experience in EPS and many other foam materials, believes that its future growth is critically linked to continued innovation and embracing new materials, like EPP and EPE, to help drive its continued success.  Plymouth has added itself to the very short list of molders, residing in Wisconsin, not to mention the greater Midwest, that will be offering these materials.


Media Contact:
Jason Nehf
V.P. Sales and Marketing
Plymouth Foam, Inc.